Our Team

Management & Oversight

John Ashcroft, Principal

Former U.S. Attorney General, Governor and U.S. Senator John Ashcroft serves as founder and Chairman of The Ashcroft Group and The Ashcroft Law Firm (together, the “Firm”).

David Ayres, Principal

As Chief Executive Officer of The Ashcroft Group, David Ayres sets the firm’s business strategy and establishes objectives that will achieve results for clients served by The Ashcroft Group.

Michael Sullivan, Principal 

Mr. Sullivan is an expert in government investigations, corporate compliance and ethics, corruption, health care and corporate security, has extensive policy and regulatory experience.

Debbie A. KlisDebbie Klis

Debbie A. Klis concentrates on transactional matters in an array of business, securities, and tax issues. She is known for her work with investment management companies, including the formation and operation of EB-5…

Joseph Fitzpatrick, Partner
Mid-Atlantic & New England Regional Center

Mr. Fitzpatrick is one of the Founding Principals of 5 Capital Management (5CM). Mr. Fitzpatrick brings over fifteen years of experience to the company in the areas of finance, technology, real estate and media venture capital.

Brian Foster, Partner
Mid-Atlantic Regional Center

Brian Foster co-founded Baybridge Properties in 2010 with Brett Griffith to leverage each of their respective talents and expertise in real estate development.

Brett Griffith, Partner
Mid-Atlantic Regional Center

As co-founder of Baybridge Properties, Brett Griffith brings over fifteen years of experience in developing residential, commercial, mixed-use and specialty construction.