What is a Regional Center?

A “Regional Center” (“RC”) is a special designation issued by the USCIS. The designation provides major benefits to immigrant entrepreneurs seeking residency using the EB-5 program. Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Centers expect to receive regional center approval and designation to operate in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area expanding into the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The approval will also include the following New England areas: Bristol County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County and Providence County.  View Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center’s USCIS Designation Letter. [add link to letter when received please]

The EB-5 program counts both direct and indirect jobs created by the immigrant applicant, but will only do so for immigrants that apply through a federally designated regional center. In the case of applicants who do not participate in the regional center, only direct jobs are counted. If the applicant participates with a regional center, both direct and indirect jobs are counted towards the 10-job requirement.

Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Centers believe one of the most important advantages of working with a designated RC is the job creation requirements. The immigrant must prove he created and sustained 10 new, direct employees over a 24-month period. Under the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Centers program, however, the immigrant can satisfy residency testing by showing the 10 jobs through a combination of direct and indirect job creation.

Another RC advantage is that immigrants may pool capital thereby reducing management responsibilities while increasing job creation results.