How to Apply for an EB-5 Visa

Step 1 – Under Standing the EB-5 Process

Investment Minimum: The minimum investment for the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center project(s) is $800,000. 

Fees: Fees that cover administrative costs, marketing, and legal expenses associated with each unit of investment are $53,000. This does not include each investor’s immigration attorney fees related to the preparation and submission of the petition assumed by each individual investor. 

Investment Structure: The Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center project loans are made by a newly created commercial enterprise (a limited liability company) in which the EB-5 investors make their capital contribution. The loan is made to a newly created commercial enterprise affiliated with the real estate project that is creating new jobs in the United States. 

Investment Terms: The minimum investment term is five years. 

Investment Location: The location of our projects varies, depending on the location of the Regional Center and the respective Target Employment Area(s). Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center is approved in the New England and Mid Atlantic are. 

Job Creation: The total amount 

Step 2 – Research EB-5 Regional Center

The EB-5 Program

When choosing an EB-5 Regional Center, an applicant should understand a few things, such as their Regional Centers’ success, projects, investment structure, and investment amount. The main goal and focus is getting a visa and eventually citizenship in the United States. So, working with a qualified Regional Center will enhance your success in completing the application process. 

Look no further. The Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center is your designated EB-5 Regional Center. Our firm has succeeded in application completion and project investment. The ASEDC has completed more than two applications successfully within a six-year timeline.

Step 3 – Reach out to the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center

Ask us about our Offering Documents

1. Potential investor hires a U.S. immigration attorney or designated representative to assist investors with the review of offering documents.

2. Perform due diligence on the applicable project(s)

3. If the investment project is suitable, complete and sign the investor subscription agreement and sign all relevant documents, remit the subscription proceeds amount by wire to the designated escrow account, and send an administrative expense fee of $53,000 to the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center. 

4. Receive remittance confirmation letter from escrow bank. 

Step 4 – The investor submits Form I-526 to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”)

  • Prepares necessary Source of Funds for an immigration attorney to prepare and file the I-526 Petition to be submitted to the USCIS. The investor will receive a notice from the USCIS about the adjudication decision (roughly 24 months).
  • The investor will receive a Welcome Package from the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center.
  • In the case of a denial of I-526, the Ashcroft Sullivan Economic Development Center will endeavor to replace the investor and refund the principal but not the administrative fee.  

Step 5 – Prepare for Consulate Interview or Status Adjustment

  • If the investor resides outside of the U.S., a Consulate interview will be scheduled.
  • If the investor resides in the U.S. with a valid visa, the investor’s immigration attorney will help adjust the visa status.
  • Investors may receive a conditional green card.

Step 5 – Submit I-829 Submission

  • Three months before the conditional green card expires, the immigration attorney will submit the I-829 Petition to remove the condition.
  • Once the I-829 petition is approved, the investor may receive a permanent green card.
  • The principal might be repaid to each investor after the loan matures.